SEHOR was born in 2020 from the idea of two young brothers from Turin, who decided to change their lives and get involved to create a unique project through which they could express their vision and style. The desire to create, experiment, and innovate has enabled him to become an example for all those people who aspire to get more out of life.

Hence the concept that success is not something tangible or a material object, but simply a state of mind in which the desire to achieve a goal becomes more important than living a life below one’s means. Because after all, the mental strength it takes to achieve it becomes success itself.

The brand was thus created to accompany all those people who have decided to change their lives to achieve a goal and aspire to success, whatever it may be. SEHOR wants to be participatory and present not only as a garment to be worn but especially as a mental strength that one must have to achieve success.

The name of the brand comes from the union of two very important concepts in achieving one’s goals and realizing one’s dreams: “Be Honored” and “Success.” These two key principles must remain united because there is no success without gratitude, and there is no grateful person who cannot achieve the success he or she deserves. Hence our slogan:

Be honored to wear your success...
"Be honored to wear your success, whatever it is, because every success is special and we want to be by your side to accompany you on this wonderful journey that is life."




SEHOR is an Italian fashion house that was created to tell a story of simplicity and precise geometries, all accompanied by a minimal style to contrast with a world that lives under the banner of glitz and bright colors.

The union of the concepts “Be Honored” and “Success” was to be depicted with two perfect geometric elements representing balance and stability, fundamental principles of a life that balances in harmony. This gave rise to “SQUARES,” the two squares symbolizing perfection, which combined in the center of the name become the perfect and eternal glue of these two key principles.

All garments are made in Italy, the place where fashion is born to then be worn around the world and where SEHOR, with its vision, wants to be a pillar of the movement by creating a product of extreme quality that honorably carries forward Italian craftsmanship.

United in vision, the collections feature distinctive brand elements that are very simple, but at the same time demonstrate how a few elements can make unique garments created for people who want to feel unique. All this with the quality that distinguishes true Made in Italy.


The growth of the brand travels hand in hand with yours, we want to be by your side when you achieve the success you deserve and that is why we are honored to be able to welcome you into this family, because we believe in you and will always be ready to support you with the hope that you will also be honored to have us by your side.

Our mission is to bring to the fashion world a new concept that many times is lost sight of, simplicity. The choice of materials and the quality of our garments will always be the key element you will find by dressing our brand, the neutral colors and simple graphics are perfect for any occasion and any combination.

We are confident that once you wear your first SEHOR garment, you will become part of our project that will strive every day to always create something unique and innovative to stay ahead of the times and in step with your success.


In today’s world, which is evolving at an exponential rate, having a 360-degree view is crucial to being alert to new opportunities. We do not want to remain tied and glued to the old fashion world canons, but we are ready to face a bright future in which the real world is joining a digital and always-connected world.

We work every day to create new ideas while staying up-to-date so that we are always at the forefront and by your side in these changes.

The revolution of the digital age and Web 3.0 are the new frontier of fashion, still unexplored and in which we want to be participatory supporters, remaining aware that the digital world cannot be a substitute for the real world. These two worlds will always remain connected to create a perfect marriage and a complete experience for the customer, who thanks to the digital world will no longer be just an observer of the brand, but an active investor and as such will take part in the brand’s own decisions.

The direction to be taken is no longer just dictated by our name, but must be taken by the whole SEHOR family, because there is no brand without a family ready to support it to the end and help it achieve new successes. Therefore, those who will believe in success will be participants and not just spectators.

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